Dear Tommy,

By June 12, 2017 References

Thanks for the great job you did last week painting the entire exterior of my house as well as replacing the side garage door and the hardware on my front door. The badly weathered siding on the south side of my house was a significant concern for me. You exceeded my expectations by restoring the conditions and appearance of the siding through your skilled efforts in properly prepping and painting the surface. I appreciate your quality efforts and professional skills that helped me avoid any replacement of the siding.
Also, I applaud the high level of professionalism you demonstrated throughout completion of the project, such as: (1) presenting a professional bid and contract that was detailed and legible as well as taking the time to discuss and explain the documents; (2) arriving to the job at a consistent time each day, (3) keeping my property clean and orderly throughout the project, (4) maintaining communication as necessary to keep me apprised of the project’s progress or issues while offering me alternatives on appropriate matters and advising me of the pros and cons of alternatives, and (5) your commitment to ensure the job was completed to my satisfaction.
Please feel free to provide my name and number (916) 732-7258 as a reference to your prospective customers if you’d like. I would be happy to attest to your high level of professionalism, your willingness to work with your customers, and your great workmanship.

Wanda Yee

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