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Turn to a residential painting company servicing Sacramento County & the Greater Sacramento Area, including Elk Grove, Folsom, and more!

You should repaint the interior of your home every three to five years to maintain it looking its best. If you wait much longer, your paint will probably have faded and won't be giving off the appearance you want. Thankfully, Tommy Lane Painting & Construction in Folsom & Elk Grove, CA offers inside and exterior house painting services.

We take the highest care at all times and specialize in painting fine properties. Therefore, you may be confident that the paint work will be smooth, level, with tidy corners and impeccable edges. To learn more about our residential painting services, get in touch with us right away.

Learn More About Our Thought Process

We take our time to make sure your paint job is flawless. Our residential painting pros follow a tried-and-true process that includes:

→Patching stucco, restoring dry rot, resetting missing nails and boards, removing loose paint, mending drywall, and retexturizing drywall are all examples of surface repairs.
→Pressure-washing the façade, covering walkways, plants, floors, and valuables, tape off the area to be painted, removing fixtures, and removing wallpaper are all preparation steps.
→Consultation regarding color schemes, cabinet refinishing, painting of the walls, trim, and siding, painting of the vaulted ceilings, and application of specialty coatings

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